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Game changer. New favorite rod

Just added the 36'' medium Haat spinning rod to my arsenal and am very impressed. First time out landed a limit of brook trout all between 3-4.8lbs and the rod handled them with ease. Can't wait to use it again and add some other Haat rods to the collection!

Mystery Tube is lit!

My Mystery Tube had exactly what I needed for where I fish in western Montana. Two 36” medium-light rods (the twins) and a 40” medium-heavy. The rods are a pleasure to use. I’m equipped for everything from panfish through Lakers and Pike. I really like the beanie too. The invoice even had a hand written thank you note on it. It’s nice to support a hard working American who appreciates your business.


Couldn't be happier with this rod love how sensitive it is for those light bites and how well it handles head shakes through the ice. First day using it and have absolutely no complaints. Keep up the Great work Mr. Haataja

Open water Stripers

Could not wait for ice on big lake,landed a few smallies a 3lb Hybrid Striper and a 10lb pure Striper drifting live bait. Handled the Striper like butter.

36'' medium ice rod

Didn't have to use an indicator that's an A++++ for me! Rod is super flexibleA+ And still will land big fish. Got my dad one for Christmas and me. And we both hooked up first day using them, Outstanding thanks for your hard work in your craftsmanship with your rods. I couldn't ask for better.

Beautifully crafted

This rod is beautifully crafted and well-balanced. I will definitely go with another HAAT ROD on my next purchase.

Not just ice fishing

This is my go to pole on my kayak i will buy another

Favorite Rods

I fish Haat rods almost exclusively. The soft action keeps fish pinned and the reel seats look sharp. I have most the collection in an Otter rod locker and use it often. Last week the walleye were hitting very aggressively and I was having problems getting a hook set. Perhaps a faster rod would be better for that situation maybe? Maybe the Black Beauty?


The 45' light heaven rod did just what I wanted and performed beautifully. Used on fort peck reservoir Montana.caufht many lake trout in 80 feet of water and also northern pike.would very much recommend this rod.


This is the best ice fishing rod I own!

Can't wait to out them to use

I finally broke down and ordered my new Haat rods and cannot wait to use them. I love the craftsmanship that has gone into making them. Now bring on the ice so I can experience the quality.

36" medium spinning ice fishing rod

Awesome rod! The sensitivity and feeling is comparable to a specialized perch rod. I've hooked into all kinds of fish with this rod and it held up great. Even a 20 plus pound pike while walleye fishing. Best ice fishing rod in my line up is a Haat rod.

Awesome Rods

These rods are amazing! Tough, dependable, and one amazing warranty. You are getting your money's worth in purchasing these rods.

Just Awesome!

These rods are fantastic! Purchased the 36" medium spinning and the MH casting rod and couldn't be happier. Great quality, awesome customer service! Exceeded expectations all around. You won't be disappointed!

Haat Rod

I bought this for lake trout and couldn't be happier! The durability gives me a lot of confidence when fighting lakers.

ROD of the Gods

When you want the hook to stay set look no further.

My favorite rods

I bought a 36" medium and a 36" medium light and they both have been game changers. I love them both and I can use them for a wide range of fish species from crappies, trout, walleye, bass and even pike. The medium light especially is my favorite. The only thing I have to complain about is the warranty. When I ordered them I never got a warranty document to register it so I've been terrified that I'm going to break one and never be able to get it replaced. Words of advice when you buy a Haat rod, don't spare any expense when buying a reel. With the right reel, there isn't a custom rod that can compare.

Hi Travis - thanks for the feedback! No need to worry about your rods. Since you purchased directly from us, we have your rods automatically registered. We'll follow up with you privately with more information. - Dan


This rod has the best feel and action I've ever felt in an ice fishing rod. Was able to catch my first pike jigging with it last season. Would recommend this rod with no hesitation. Thanks Eric for building a fantastic rod!

Best rods in the biz

Great action and feel. Love the bend battling fish on these rods the long handles make it easy on your wrist when your fighting a big fish and you know your going to be locked in for a few. Switched all my old rods out last year for Haat's and it was the best decision I made!

Medium heavy spinning rod

Medium heavy spinning rod Has to be one of the best ice fishing rods out there. I have to say I have every rod that they sell and everyone is magnificent. If you are looking for great action in a rod these rods are it. I wouldn't ever buy another ice rod from any other company. I have put these rods to the test not just ice fishing but I have also used them in the ocean. The rods held up to blue fish fluke and sand sharks. Not only are the rods amazing but the customer service is like no other. They are very responsive on getting back to you. Over all I will give this company 100% all the way around.

Awesome rods!

The rods are very sensitive just what I was looking for!

Expected a good product, ended up with a great product!

I ordered this rod to chase Lake trout. I've caught amd landed Lakers up to 30lbs on my 45" med hvy and the rod handled beautifully.

Thrilled with the mystery tube

I purchased the Haat Mystery tube 1 year ago. It came with 3 high quality, fully functioning rods, a hat, and several bumper stickers. I was thrilled with the purchase. They sent me three exceptionally well made rods (the defects that caused them to be eligible for the mystery tube were minor at best) which I enjoyed using throughout the ice fishing season last year. It seemed like they put some thought into selecting a good variety of rods to include in my tube. I got a panfish/trout rod, a walleye/bass/small pike rod, and a heavy duty rod. If you're ok with using a rod with a minor manufacturer's defect for a rock bottom price, go with the mystery tube. You won't regret it. I got well over $300 worth of rods in my mystery tube. I'd definitely do that purchase again.

Awesome ice fishing rod!

This is my favorite rod and the best ice fishing rod I have ever put my hands on. I use it for lake trout on Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Utah and Wyoming. It absorbs heads shakes like nobody's business and I lose far less fish now that I have this rod. It is the ultimate big fish rod, but has the sensitivity to be effective on smaller lake trout. I have 5 different HAAT rod models and I love them all. The 45" MH is my go to rod. I can't recommend this rod enough!