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Jigging Spoon - Silver Shiner
Mathew Leben (Chardon, OH, US)
Great product

I have just started using them, so still learning.
But I smashed on some Giant Lake Erie smallies last week.

Jigging Spoon - Fire Tiger
Haat Spoons

Fast shipping, and product works awesome!!!

Jigging Spoon - Black Shrimp
John Krebsbach (Milwaukee, WI, US)
I have caught Walleye and Crappie with the 1/2 oz lime crush and love it. So do the Walleye. Mo...

Crazy how the walleye love this spoon. I was so productive on the lime and white that I never switched to another color.

Jigging Spoon - Passion Crush
William Bowland (Fort Collins, CO, US)
Long casting, great action, trout love them

Fishing in Wyoming can be tough, high wind, cloudy then bright sun. The 3/8 ounce jigging spoon has saved the day a few times.

Jigging Spoon - Smelt
Matt Allen (Denver, CO, US)
Catches everything

Only been out twice using them at two different lakes, all from shore as the boat ramps are closed for the year Caught a smallie first cast, 2 largemouth and 2 walleye. At a different lake caught 3 lakers, 3 browns, a rainbow and 3 perch. These things rock, I’m torn writing this because I want them all to myself. American made, shipping was incredibly fast, if I could give more stars I would

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Jigging Spoon - Nose Bleed
Todd dustin (Salt Lake City, UT, US)
Great spoon

I’ve tried the spoon four times and I can’t believe how it makes the fish attack it something in the action and the color combination. works great

Absolutely Awesome

I was recommended by Lake Superior fishing guide that Haat ice fishing rods were the best. I purchased two rods for trout fishing the Big Lake, Unless you experience these rods for yourself its hard to explain how awesome they are. If you are looking for a great rod along with super customer service, do yourself a favor buy a Haat Rod.

Signature Series 40" Medium Spinning Rod
Reid Styles (Whitefield, NH, US)
Best ice rod ever!

Northern NH averages small lake trout. The lakes I fish average 18” Lakers . I bought the 40” medium spinning and it has been perfect. The quality is amazing! The rod loads up really well but has enough backbone to set the hook! It even handles 1/2oz buck tails, but I wouldn’t go any heavier. I’m glad I had this rod when I hooked into a 6 pound 10 ounce laker. This rod handled the trout perfectly and I’m very impressed. Will be buying the 40” medium heavy spinning rod for my 3/4 ounce tubes or bigger jigs.

Black Beauty 31” Jigging Machine

After losing several big fish and realizing I was under gunned, I pulled the trigger on a black beauty. The rod is well made, the guides are sturdy and perfect for running braid. The extended butt helps horse the big ones to the hole. This this bends like no other for being a heavier rod, and is also sensitive enough to pick up light biting perch as they cruise through with the Eyes. Definitely will have this rod for a lifetime. Andrew, from Upstate NY

45 inch medium heavy Haat rod

This pole is awesome! First fish on it was a 37 inch laker! Pole handled awesome!

Just get one already

I just wanted to add to what everyone one else comments on these rods... They are AMAZING. I got the 45" medium heavy casting rod for Lakers on great slave Lake. I was on the fence between this one and the extra heavy because great slave holds some trophy trout... I am glad I went with the medium heavy as it has enough backbone to handle heavy fish and manages head shakes beautifully. The longer thicker cork handle makes playing aggressive fish a dream. Also worth mentioning they are beautiful rods esthetically. Do yourself a favour and get one!

Signature Series 36" Medium Spinning Rod
Jon Street (Crookston, MN, US)
Excellent ice rod

Performs well with med to large lipless cranks and spoons. I bought 2 just to be able to switch my presentation quickly, and for targeting walleye in the 24" plus class.

36 inch medium spinning ice rod

I was impressed with the reviews of this rod.It's nice to have the top ice rod perform like a champ!You don't loose many fish because this rod does all the work & has the power to set hooks on the toughest mouths.I put 621 fish on the ice this season & this rod made it easy.Do yourself a favor and pick one of Eric's ice rods up.You won't regret it!

Signature Series 45" Medium Heavy Casting Rod
Linden Makow (Prince George, BC, CA)
Awesome rods built tough

Put this rod to the test jigging big bondy baits for some monster Lakers. It got the job done landing over 15 Lakers in this trip, the biggest being around 28 pounds. unreal rods might have to get a few more in the near future.

Mystery Tube
Adam Potts (Toronto, ON, CA)

These builds have unmatched quality and my expectations were not disappointed, I'm thrilled with 2 @36" mediums and the 40" medium spinning rod.

More than impressed!!!

I got to use my two 36” med rods for the first time on a late ice Devils Lake, ND trip last weekend. I set them up in HT wind jigger rod holders. One with a bobber and one with a bait feeder reel. Best dead stick setup I have ever used!! I never lost a fish on either rod, the bobber rig had the bail closed and 4 walleyes hooked themselves. The action was soft enough to keep even perch and smaller walleye pinned, yet I was amazed how sensitive the rod is jigging spoons! We took 12 walleyes from those 2 poles (allowed 4 lines ice fishing in ND). I never lost a fish on either pole all weekend. The longer handles are perfect for the wind jiggers and let you jig with your choppers on!!. Both rods were flawless and, and are the best looking rods I own.(I was looking hard at the 40”, but I gambled on the mystery tube to see what the quality of the rods are...saved some money but no 15 year warranty either). I will definitely be getting the 40”MH
I will definitely be buying the 45” ML and 40” MH when they are back in stock.

Signature Series 31" Black Beauty Jigging Rod
Duane Diepdael (Grande Prairie, AB, CA)
Great rod

I have caught many fish with my new Haat rod. Zero flex in handle when rod is loaded up. Beautiful craftsmanship. I will be getting a rod in the future for sure.

Signature Series 40" Medium Heavy Spinning Rod
Stacy Kaye (Port Washington, WI, US)
More Haat rod quality 40”MH

I purchased this rod at the same time as an equivalent Tuned Up Custom rod. The look and build quality of the Haat is better in my opinion, especially at the tip where the tuned up has a damage prone rod eye extending beyond the rod end as if someone wacked off a walleye rod after one of the middle eyes. I’m sure this doesn’t bother some, however because I jam too many rods into an aluminum riffle case, it is a concern. Can’t speak for performance yet, as I have only accidentally caught low 40” Musky on both, (plenty strong) not sure of ability to absorb head-shakes properly. Seems to have just the right combination of backbone and flex- ice might not cooperate for this years late ice laker hunt🙄... Overall, it’s the favorite rod in my case next to some St. Croix Mojos and a Tuned up- Thank You!!!!!
BTW Thank you to Uncut Angling (on YouTube) for turning me onto this rod!!!!

Signature Series 36" Medium Spinning Rod
Charlie Xiong (Wausau, WI, US)
Amazing Rod!

36" Medium Spinning rod paired with a President 25 reel! 6 lbs test line. The rod is sensitive enough, yet has a really good backbone. Will buy this product again! Mille Lacs Minnesota walleyes and tulibee's!

Signature Series 36" Medium Spinning Rod
Charlie Xiong (Wausau, WI, US)
Beautiful Rod

36 in Medium Haat rod paired with a Daiwa Ballistic Lt 2500 series. I can't wait to use it! Will have a good time chasing some Mille Lacs walleyes!


I can't give a review of this rod and not use the word fantastic. It's responsive, sturdy, and balanced perfectly. The reel seat fits my stradic snugly and the cork handle is very comfortable. The action is in the perfect zone of medium fast, I can feel the difference between a broad side bump and a bite very easily and that means more pinned fish! 31" is a great size. I am able to get a hook set in my one man flip over with no issues. I couldn't be more satisfied.

Signature Series 40" Medium Heavy Spinning Rod
Hue Yang (Saint Paul, MN, US)
40" Lake trout haat rod.

Rod is awesome! Great feel when fighting big fish. Awesome hook ups and rod give a really nice bend.

Signature Series 31" Black Beauty Jigging Rod
Steve Connole (Butte, MT, US)
31" Black Beauty Jigging Rod

This is my first Haat rod after my cousin, Scott Connole, let me try one of his Haat rods! The 31" Black Beauty did not disappoint!! This is a beautifully crafted rod with a great feel. It is short enough to fish out of an ice shack and has the sensitivity to detect those light bites! I really like the longer fighting butt on these rods for catching big Montana rainbows! Great rod!
- Steve

Signature Series 40" Medium Spinning Rod
JOSEPH MARTIN (Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CA)
Love the rod so much

Got a 8 pound laker on it my first outing and worked amazing

40” medium light.

We live in Antioch I’m so we fish the fox chain. Great rod for jiggin rap. Great for walleye sensitive enough for crappie and perch. Been using that rod to hole hop n it’s great. I will be buying more.