Mystery Tube

Mystery Tube


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Are you feeling like a little fun? Buy a Haat Original Mystery Tube! In the Original Mystery Tube you are guaranteed the following:

  • 3 Haat Ice Rods
  • 1 Haat Hat
  • 3 Haat Stickers

Estimated Retail Value= $295-$355

*You will get 3 ice fishing rods that are from the following stock:

  • Prototype models that we ended up not making
  • Discontinued models
  • Not quite perfect rods (cosmetic issues only—all rods will work fine)
  • Repaired rods (returned rods that we were able to fix, but replaced with a new one)

In all you will get a great value on 3 Haat Rods.

Note: because of the value offered, rods purchased in Mystery Tubes are not eligible for our warranty plan.

Looking for specific rod types? Rare and prototype rods? We also offer Mystery Tubes for spinning or casting rods only, as well as, a Mystery Tube with limited edition and/or prototype rods that don't see full production.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Mystery Tube is lit!

My Mystery Tube had exactly what I needed for where I fish in western Montana. Two 36” medium-light rods (the twins) and a 40” medium-heavy. The rods are a pleasure to use. I’m equipped for everything from panfish through Lakers and Pike. I really like the beanie too. The invoice even had a hand written thank you note on it. It’s nice to support a hard working American who appreciates your business.

Awesome Rods

These rods are amazing! Tough, dependable, and one amazing warranty. You are getting your money's worth in purchasing these rods.

Can't wait to out them to use

I finally broke down and ordered my new Haat rods and cannot wait to use them. I love the craftsmanship that has gone into making them. Now bring on the ice so I can experience the quality.

Thrilled with the mystery tube

I purchased the Haat Mystery tube 1 year ago. It came with 3 high quality, fully functioning rods, a hat, and several bumper stickers. I was thrilled with the purchase. They sent me three exceptionally well made rods (the defects that caused them to be eligible for the mystery tube were minor at best) which I enjoyed using throughout the ice fishing season last year. It seemed like they put some thought into selecting a good variety of rods to include in my tube. I got a panfish/trout rod, a walleye/bass/small pike rod, and a heavy duty rod. If you're ok with using a rod with a minor manufacturer's defect for a rock bottom price, go with the mystery tube. You won't regret it. I got well over $300 worth of rods in my mystery tube. I'd definitely do that purchase again.

Awesome rods!

The rods are very sensitive just what I was looking for!

Mystery tube

You guys are amazing. I love my mystery tube. Happy holidays to all of you and keep up the great work. See you on the ice soon

Tight Lines!

Wouldn't buy another rod, top craftsmanship, small business, proud American. Eric Haataja you're the man! Hard water and tight lines and BIG browns!

Great combo pack

Nice variety combo. Well worth the price with a sweet hat. Solid 4 stars

Mystery Tube

Ghost rod is sent from heaven for the Jawjacker. The ML Haat rod is perfect for small spoons and has a fly rod-esq action. The ML casting rod is perfect for 2 inch tube jigging for larger rainbows and browns.

Mystery pack

Received 3 very good rods one was a ghost rode very impressed with the quality and performance of the rods